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A Tua Equação da Energia! II
National initiative to promote energy efficiency in schools.
Horizon 2020
ANTI-Circumvention of Standards for better market Surveillance
Building upon the existing Ecodesign / Energy labelling regulations and applicable harmonised standards, ANTICSS will assess appliances circunvenction practices.
Project for an active promotion and education on Water Efficiency and Water-Energy Nexus.
concerted action
Concerted Action - Energy Performance of Buildings Directive
Dissemination of information, experience and good-practices regarding the implementation of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive.
concerted action
Exchange of information and experience among Member States and other participating countries regarding the implementation of the Energy Performance of Building Directive
ADENE main activities include the coordination of the CT5 - Core Team Certification & Training regarding the certification of buildings as well as the quality of certification and control systems, with a special focus on monitoring, quality and improvement of the existing schemes. ADENE is responsible for organizing the plenary meetings under the CT5 topics (topics and speakers forecasting, surveys, agenda proposal, contents development, etc.) and support the work of other CTs (presentations, complementary work, etc.)
Water and Energy Efficiency Labelling of the National Industrial Sectors for achieving a Circular Economy – Agri-Food Sector Case
Creation of a voluntary labeling system applied to the agri-food sector, focused on water and energy efficiency, and resources circularity (water, energy and materials) along the agri-food sector value chain.
The Energy Information Center
CINERGIA provides all citizens with a wide and integrated vision of the energy sector, from production to transport, distribution, storage and consumption, via audio-visual media, critically contributing to the increase of energy literacy of the society.
CLASSE + Energy Labelling is a voluntary scheme that intends to evaluate the performance of some of the most important building elements, such as windows, insulation and paints, and other elements that influence the energy consumption of buildings and do not have yet an European energy label.
Covenant of Mayors Office for Sub-Saharan Africa
A Local Authorities Platform to support the implementation of the Covenant of Mayors for Sub-Saharan Africa initiative (CoM SSA).
Skills and competences improvement of workers employed in green sector with e-learning technology use
The main goal of the E-GREEN JOBS project is to improve skills and competences of workers, experts, professionals, freelances involved in green sectors.
Efficiency in Electricity Consumption in the Public Administration of the Autonomous Region of Madeira
Promotion and implementation of energy efficiency measures in the Public Administration of the Autonomous Region of Madeira.
ELENA European Local ENERGY Assistance
ELEnA, European Local Energy Assistance
The project aims to finance energy audits in Public Buildings, Street and Traffic lighting systems located in Lisbon Region for improvement of the energy efficiency.
Horizon 2020
User-Driven Energy-Matching & Business Prospection Tool for Industrial Excess Heat / Cold Reduction, Recovery and Redistribution
The EMB3Rs project will implement a bottom-up, user-driven and open source modelling platform to simulate alternative supply-demand scenarios for the recovery and reuse of industrial excess heat and cold (HC).
ENACT - Energy Auditors Competencies, Training and Profiles
Contribute to the definition and implementation of a common frame of the green professional qualification and competences of ENERGY AUDITORS.
Energy Efficiency in Households
The project aims to raise awareness on the importance of implementing energy efficiency measures in housing, materialized through the energy certificate.