Water and Energy Efficiency Labelling of the National Industrial Sectors for achieving a Circular Economy – Agri-Food Sector Case

Creation of a voluntary labeling system applied to the agri-food sector, focused on water and energy efficiency, and resources circularity (water, energy and materials) along the agri-food sector value chain.



This labeling system intends to create a “Circular Product Label”, composed of three different rates which are applied to each stage of the value chain. In this sense, each rate will evaluate a stage of the value chain performance’s regarding energy and water efficiency, as well as resources circularity. The main differentiator aspect of the “Circular Product Label” is the enclosure of a set of efficiency measures, which are to be included in each rate.

Main Activities ADENE

ADENE main activities will include the model’s calibration for three agri-food products value chains: rice, potato and olive oil. This procedure will validate the used methodology and at the same time identify main difficulties and opportunities associated.

Key Deliverables

• Evaluation model and template of the “Circular Product Label”
• Audits carried out with necessary consolidated data
• Validation of the indicators, indexes and impacts associated with the “Circular Product Label”
• “Circular Product Label” delivered to each pilot company (three different labeled products)

Portuguese Deliverables


Financial Information

Financial Instrument
Fundo Ambiental
“Apoiar a Transição para uma Economia Circular – Fase II” (Aviso n.º 2605/2018, Diário da República, 2.ª série – N.º 39 – 23 de fevereiro de 2018)
Total Budget
219 007.00 €
Budget ADENE
105 162.60 €


10 months (until the end of 2018)

Project Coordination

Ana Cardoso