The Energy Information Center

CINERGIA provides all citizens with a wide and integrated vision of the energy sector, from production to transport, distribution, storage and consumption, via audio-visual media, critically contributing to the increase of energy literacy of the society.


CINERGIA – Energy Information Centre is an independent structure promoted and generated by ADENE, in the context of the Portuguese Energy measure under the SIMEX +2017 program, which aims to give all consumer citizens and energy producers an overview of the energy sector, contributing to the enhanced energy literacy of civil society. Aimed at the general public (families, students, teachers, urban young people) and institutional (public and private institutions in the energy area, other companies, universities and research centres), CINERGIA provides a didactic narrative on the sector, about the forms, sources and production of energy, including transport, distribution, storage and marketing, to the use of energy by the various sectors of activity and end consumers. Issues such as energy history, energy in the country, in our homes, or in mobility are dealt with, where the energy dependency of the country, renewable energies and the nexus of energy and water efficiencies will be focused on.

Main Activities ADENE

Under the coordination of ADENE and in collaboration with public and private bodies, this project is embodied in two formats: (A) Physical space: With advanced technological resources, serious games and interactive audiovisual media, ensuring that the knowledge transfer process occurs in an interactive, dynamic and participatory manner; (C) Online platform: disseminate knowledge about the energy sector, also taking advantage of citizens’ adherence and accessibility provided by the Citizen’s Portal. This platform was funded by COMPETE 2020.

Key Deliverables

• CINERGIA Portal (website)
• CINERGIA Físico (physical centre)
• Communication (nationwide tours)

Portuguese Deliverables

• CINERGIA Online platform (website)
• CINERGIAPhysical space (physical centre)
• Communication (nationwide tours)

Financial Information

Financial Instrument
Total Budget
Budget ADENE


15 month (01/09/2017 – 01/12/2018)

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