CLASSE + Energy Labelling is a voluntary scheme that intends to evaluate the performance of some of the most important building elements, such as windows, insulation and paints, and other elements that influence the energy consumption of buildings and do not have yet an European energy label.


CLASSE + Energy Labeling is a ADENE initiative that allows you to compare the energy efficiency of some of the most important building elements, such as windows, insulation and paints. This is done through a simple scale from “F” (less efficient) to “A+” (more efficient), similar to the European energy label. The scheme has been developed in cooperation with the industry and the university, thus providing a technical robust, well accepted and self sustainable system. The main advantages provided by this scheme include:
– to facilitate the consumer’s choice of more efficient products in the rehabilitation of buildings;
– an improvement of energy performance with reduction of energy bills;
– an increased comfort for better well being and occupant health;
– exclusive information on each product purchased;
– guarantee of rigor and quality control of products.

Main Activities ADENE

ADENE is accountable for the development, implementation and on-going management of the CLASSE+ labelling scheme, incluind issuing of labels, quality checks and overal promotion of the concept.

Key Deliverables

1) provide simple, credible and useful information to support consumer choice by encouraging the search for more energy-efficient products;
2) to encourage technological development by companies leading to more efficient products, equipment and solutions in the market .

Portuguese Deliverables

The project is exclusively Portuguese.

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