Efficient Buildings

Efficient Buildings Community

As a Mediterranean hub for energy efficiency innovative and shared solutions, the Efficient Buildings Community will anchor a MED community around energy issues that public organisations face in order to promote Interreg MED modular projects’ outcomes and increase their impact on public policies.


The overall objective of the project is to empower MED projects’ partners through the establishment of a MED community and a joint transnational framework around energy efficiency in public buildings. The final objective of the Efficient Buildings Community (EBC) is to facilitate energy efficiency refurbishment of public buildings in the Mediterranean region. The project will use a web platform to transfer selected outputs deriving from 10 Interreg MED modular projects. The platform will host communication and capitalization tools that will contribute to reinforcing the capacity of public organisations, including a database that will provide not only knowledge generated by the modular projects, but also main findings and key results from other projects.
By establishing a joint transnational framework around energy efficiency in public buildings, the EBC will contribute to increase the capacity of owners and managers of public buildings to design and implement better energy efficiency practices. On the other hand, EBC will promote its results at national and EU levels to influence policies and call for new national and European regulatory frameworks that take into account MED specificities and the innovative solutions proposed by the community.

Main Activities ADENE

ADENE will be responsible for all communication activities, namely for the development of materials (5 newsletters, 1 booklet e 2 leaflets), the organization of annual events and the management of social media platforms. ADENE will also be responsible for the implementation of an Efficient Buildings Living Lab in Portugal, where the outputs of the Efficient Buildings Community will be transferred.

Key Deliverables

• Annual events
• Living Labs
• Transferring events
• EU Breakfasts
• Webinars
• Joint Position Paper
• Advocacy workshops

Portuguese Deliverables

• Newsletters
• Booklet
• Leaflets
• Living Lab

Financial Information

Financial Instrument
Interreg Mediterranean
AF full_Horizontal project 2nd call | Priority axis-Investment Priority-Specific Objective 2-1-1
Total Budget
1,593,875.50 €
Budget ADENE
216,725.00 €


32 months (2019.11.01 – 2022-06-30)

Project Coordination

Inês Mendes