User-Driven Energy-Matching & Business Prospection Tool for Industrial Excess Heat / Cold Reduction, Recovery and Redistribution

The EMB3Rs project will implement a bottom-up, user-driven and open source modelling platform to simulate alternative supply-demand scenarios for the recovery and reuse of industrial excess heat and cold (HC).


Development of an energy modelling platform, which is able to identify feasible solutions for the recovery and use of industrial excess HC, by simulating alternative technological and/or business scenarios of their interest, to be independently used by a wide variety of industries and other stakeholders at EU geographies. The platform will be composed of individual functional Modules and a common Knowledge System which will be interconnected to develop the necessary elements to provide the cost-benefit and most promising business case related to each scenario, namely by:
(1) Identifying users with geographic relevancy for HC supply and demand, and enabling their interlinking;
(2) Permitting an effective matching of the quality and temporal profiles of the excess HC available for local supply/demand,;
(3) Exploring the most efficient internal and external technology routes for the recovery, conversion and distribution of the available excess thermal energy, in a holistic perspective (technological-financial-environmental);
(4) Assessing risks and identifying effective financial and policy instruments to overcome barriers to the implementation of the most promising scenarios

Main Activities ADENE

Evaluate the performance of the EMB3Rs modelling platform in real operating conditions covering the main steps of the modelling and scenarios simulation process, for a comprehensive range of representative users and case-studies, in providing the expected analysis results in the form of alternative pathways to excess HC recovery and related business plan and path-to-finance to implement the most promising solutions.

Key Deliverables

• Final report with the base specifications (guidelines) for the Platform and Modules’ development, respective validation protocols, including basic database, selected analysis models and user engagement strategy;
• EMB3Rs Unified Modelling Platform, including User and System Manuals;
• Final report with guidelines for sector-specific excess HC recovery (with barriers and opportunities).

Portuguese Deliverables

• Final report on the performance evaluation of the EMB3Rs modelling platform;
• Case-study report on overall platform functionalities in Super-User Mode.

Financial Information

Financial Instrument
Horizon 2020
Total Budget
4 338 425.36 €
Budget ADENE
259 802.50 €


3 years

Project Coordination

Ana Cardoso