The Best School Wins!

An online competition to educate students about energy and encourage them to research about energy efficiency and explore its benefits at school.


The GaME project aims to involve secondary education and vocational students in the energy management of their school by providing tools and improving learning practices for students to carry out a simplified energy audit and monitor school’s energy use. By using the information collected on an online platform, students participate in a competition among schools from more than 45 municipalities in mainland Portugal.

Main Activities ADENE

ADENE main activities include the participation in the implementation committee and in the student competition jury team of the GaME project.

Key Deliverables

• Online platform for virtual school energy audits;
• An energy saving competition for schools.

Portuguese Deliverables

• Online platform for virtual school energy audits;
• An energy saving competition for schools.

Financial Information

Financial Instrument
Plano de Promoção da Eficiência no Consumo de Energia Elétrica
PPEC 2017-2018
Total Budget
248 258 €
Budget ADENE
3 000 €


20 months (08/05/2017 – 31/12/2018)

Project Coordination

Luís Silva