Poupa Energia

Poupa Energia Portal – Energy Retailer Switching Operator (OLMC)

Poupa Energia (in english, save energy) is a portal that is directed to all energy consumers, providing a tool that allows an easy comparison of all variety of tariffs on the energy market. Consumers will be able to switch supplier and check all offer details, allowing therefore, an informed choice. Likewise, it is also intended to promote efficiency in energy consumption.


Poupa Energia is included in a measure (201) of the Simplex+ 2017 called Portugal Energia which was created to improve and simplify actual public services in the country. This project provides the development of a platform, a mobile APP and a physical center for the promotion and dissemination of energy concepts throughout the country using privileged places such as the “Espaço Cidadão”, shops and energy agencies of local and regional entities. With Poupa Energia, non-residential and residential consumers can do simulations of their electricity and natural gas bill, and in the end, they can choose the best plan, by checking a list of the best price and tariffs available in the market. In a effective and simple way, it is possible to switch to a new electricity or natural gas supplier or tariff on Poupa Energia.

Main Activities ADENE

ADENE is the only entity which participates in the project and has the mission to manage all the activities that includes, among others, contracting of external entities for the development of the electronic platform, operation of the contact center and communication and promotion the project.

Key Deliverables

Poupa Energia Portal, developed under this operation, should follow the premises of measure 201 of Simplex + 2017, allowing the citizen to switch the energy retailer in a transparent, standardized and dematerialized way.

Portuguese Deliverables

• Development of the visual identity of OLMC – Poupa Energia – standardizing all visual material such as the logo and promotional materials;
• Launching of the Poupa Energia Portal, which aims to provide information on the process of switching energy retailer of electricity and natural gas markets, as well as the display of personalized information to consumers;
• Promotion and communication of the operation and the results to the portuguese consumers;
• Implementation of a contact center that will help consumers in several areas, legal issues, procedures, advantages and others;
• Promote the use of the “Espaço Cidadão” network where consumers have support to use Poupa Energia, and switch the energy retailer.

Financial Information

Financial Instrument
Total Budget
449 000 €
Budget ADENE
449 000 €


24 months

Project Coordination



Manuel Casquiço