In 2018 ADENE created a new area within the organization called ADENE Innovation which intends to guide ADENE in terms of innovation, research and development in order to support its main activities and future developments towards the energy transition of society and in an impartial manner. More specifically, ADENE Innovation leverages ADENE’s research activities, improving the quantity and the quality of its innovative projects ensuring they are in line with its long term strategy. In this context, ADENE Innovation promotes partnerships with the academy, R&D institutions from the national scientific system, companies and its international counterparts.

What does ADENE Innovation intends to do to assert itself as a specialized area in the I&D?
For that, see our action plan below.

Identification of I&D activities and project opportunities in line with ADENE’s long term development plan.

Support ADENE’s coworkers preparing project applications in three specific moments:
• Definition of project idea
• Writing a concept note that summarizes the project
• Evaluation of the full project proposal

Follow up project implementation and guarantee the scientific level of the delivered results as well as incorporation of best practices into ADENE’s activities.

Internal dissemination of know-how and experiences acquired in specific projects with other co-workers that did not participate in those projects.

I&D knowledge cluster gathering the major findings and deliverables from projects in which ADENE took part of.

Portfolio of projects where ADENE took part of, organised by area of expertise and summarised information about the projects.

To be a R&D voice towards the exterior through active participation at relevant R&D events and networks.

Choose an area to see projects in progress or already concluded by ADENE.