Water Efficiency

Water scarcity is a serious problem for many EU countries, with 45% of European territory expected to face water scarcity by 2030. In addition, the damage caused by floods in several regions may increase five-fold by 2050. In global cities, water-related hazards already account for 90% of natural hazards impacting cities. In response to these challenges, there is growing attention to water efficiency and water management across Europe, with ongoing efforts to:

· Promote EU water and energy standards for water-related products in buildings;
· Move towards an EU framework of core indicators for the environmental performance of buildings including the efficient use of water;
· Enhance water efficiency, rainwater harvest and circularity through water reuse in urban, industrial and agricultural sectors.

Innovation is a key factor to successfully outcome these challenges and seize the opportunities that may arise from new markets based on water efficiency and water-energy nexus, in buildings, industry and food production, that require new and trustworthy technical solutions, professional skills and management systems, altogether.

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